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5 Reasons You Need a Responsive Website

5 Reasons You Need a Responsive Website

Have you paid attention to you lately? Did you notice the alarming number of people glued to their smartphone and tablet? Well, it is no longer a trend but a way of life to be so dependent on mobile devices. Naturally, since the mobile internet use is on the rise, the importance of responsive website design is too. In the past, where you had to design two separate sites for desktop and mobile, are bundled together in one universal mobile-friendly website.

One thing is certain, Mobile is ubiquitous.

Our smartphones are smart enough to perform complex tasks like internet browsing, constant connection to social media feeds, emails, and eCommerce. Tasks which were only possible on desktops can be accomplished on the move.

So why are there so many businesses that haven’t adapted to the mobile market?

So, at intoLAP, a Web Designing Company in Kolkata, India based presents you with 5 reasons to convince you to convert to responsive website design.

1. Google Recommends

Google is the primary search engine which singlehandedly monopolizes the search engine market, so it is a smart move to love what Google loves. Google not only recommends responsive website design but also favors the mobile optimized sites for searches on the mobile device.

Even from the SEO perspective, a single website is much better than a separate website for mobile and desktops.

With 67% market share, when Google speaks, designers listen. And now Google states that responsive website design is not only the industry standard but also the future of mobile browsing.

2. Website Many Devices

Responsive website design provides easy navigation and seamless transition between different screen sizes and multiple devices. You can check for something on the mobile device and yet continue to the same website on the desktop without hampering the user experience.

3. Easy Management

Taking care of separate desktop and the mobile site requires having separate Google Adwords campaigns, SEO campaigns, and separate Google Analytics reports. Managing one site is, of course, far easier than managing two sites, it’s just simple mathematics.

You can also incorporate mobile specific keywords which will universally work alongside the desktop version. Targeting keywords that are frequently used on smartphones will help you circle down on the estimated client base. Invest and contact an agency which offers SEO services in Mumbai for professional support.

4. Speed is the deal breaker

The content on the web page should load under/between 2-3 seconds according to Google PageSpeed Developers. This gets tricky for a desktop website to load fast on the move, but it is also observed that people often don’t wait long enough for the site to load. Optimize your web media to load quicker.

5. Responsive website design Is a Money Saver

Responsive website design calls for one single website across all devices, thus the extra expenses of maintain two separate sites are cut down. Furthermore, a complicated, well-crafted responsive design can be expensive, but once published, you can easily maintain it. Plus it is always economical to design one website instead of two
, wouldn’t you agree too?


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